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IPL laser epilator™ Permanent hair removal

IPL laser epilator™  Permanent hair removal
IPL laser epilator™  Permanent hair removal
IPL laser epilator™  Permanent hair removal
IPL laser epilator™  Permanent hair removal
IPL laser epilator™  Permanent hair removal
IPL laser epilator™  Permanent hair removal

IPL laser epilator™ Permanent hair removal

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IPL laser epilator™ Perman...


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Laser Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal Permanent Hair Removal 500000 Flash with LCD Touch Body Leg Bikini Trimmer Photoepilation for Women and Men.

How to use?   

Fast and long-term hair removal In a flash of light It has a compact corded design for quick and easy use at home. 

For best results, use it every two weeks for the first two months, and then touch up monthly.  

Step 1 Remove excess hair by shaving, waxing, or waxing the area before the first treatment. 

Step 2 Select The correcto intensity le el.

Step 3 Turn on the unit and press on the skin. Wait until the light is ready to blink to come on and press the flash button.   


 Hair and skin type Is it suitable for me? 

 As with any other IPL treatment, it requires pigment in the hair to attract light.   

After the light is attracted, the hair roots are heated and stimulated not to grow back. Similarly, a low level of pigment is needed in the skin so that the skin does not attract light.   

Therefore, it works on (naturally) dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones ranging from very white to dark brown and does not work on red, light blonde and White / gray hair, or on very dark skin. *   



Are there any long-term effects of using IPL? Is it safe for my skin?   


👉Professional IPL treatments have been around for 25 years and studies have shown no appearance of skin cancer or sterilization problems. 

👉No serious side effects or damage from prolonged use have been reported. 

👉IPL technology is derived from the technology used in professional salons. We have adapted technology for safe and effective use at home. We have been developed in conjunction with leading dermatologists and tested with over 2000 women. 

👉 Me all safety standards for household appliances. As with any skin care product, it is important to use the device according to the user manual. 

👉Our security system guarantees that flashing light is only possible if the accessory is in full contact with the skin. 

 👉 The integrated UV filter ensures that light only affects the hair and not the skin. We recommend using the product in a well-lit room, to reduce the brightness seen in the flash. Side effects and complications, even if possible, are highly unlikely as long as you use this product in accordance with the instructions and precautions included in the user manual.


 Is it safe to use this product on my face? 

 👉By checking your skin type, you can choose the specific setting that will ensure an effective but gentle treatment on your face. 

 👉As the area around your eyes is very sensitive, we recommend using the product only below the cheekbones to avoid the risk of eye damage. 

 👉For optimal results on your cheeks, upper lip, and chin, stand in front of a mirror for a good view of the area to be treated and "flashlight-ready" light.



- The product must be used continuously for more than eight weeks to obtain obvious results. 

-Shave before use; During use, the hair will continue to grow, but will become thinner and softer! 

- If you have any problem do not accept bad reviews, contact us we will always be for you.



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